What’s the cure for my micromanaging?

Could the cure for your micro-managing behaviours really be…

…more delegation???

In his ‘Confessions of a micromanager’ David Finkel admits that, like many, his own need to control everything in his work stemmed from a bad delegation experience. When he entrusted someone to fill in for him, that person failed miserably.

Clearly no one could ever be entrusted to do the job right. Right?

Unfortunately that mindset came at some very obvious personal costs later on.

So if delegation is at the root of the micromanaging tendencies from some leaders, how could the cure actually be more delegation?

In this Inc. Magazine article, Finkel acknowledges that the problem wasn’t delegation itself. It was poor delegation on his part. So to help get better with his micromanaging (or even better, that urge to just do it all himself) he actually need get better at delegating.

How can you delegate better?
– Be clear on the task to be done.
– Be clear on the expected outcomes.
– Then focus on those outcomes (rather than ‘how’ the outcomes are achieved).
– Be available to provide support. – Offer opportunities to shadow you or others to aid learning.
– Recognise and leverage the strengths and skill sets of your team.
– Be a great communicator.
– And practice patience.

Micromanaging isn’t only a stressful and exhausting experience for those being micromanaged. It is stressful and exhausting for the micromanager as well – even if they don’t realize it. Learning to delegate well can help you lighten your load, improving both your performance and your wellbeing.

I think Finkel summed it up perfectly at the end of his article: “Delegating is risky, but not being able to do it properly is so much riskier.”

Natalie Dawes, CEO & Founder

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Read the full article here: https://lnkd.in/eCsrdrGP

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