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Are you wanting to unleash your leadership effectiveness to get the best out of your people and drive successful business outcomes? 

The Leadership Circle Profile is a simple and yet powerful tool that empowers leaders with clear cut insights into their leadership strengths and development opportunities. It Driven by an exhaustive database of over 4 million assessments, the Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment is a data-driven model for leadership development, trusted by the most influential companies in the world.

The Leadership Circle Profile provides a detailed snapshot in time, enabling leaders to answer the question:

“How are my behaviours and mindset enabling or constraining my intended leadership impact and our business performance?”

How does the Leadership Circle Profile work?

The Leadership Circle Profile is a 360° assessment that provides insights into your own perception of your leadership effectiveness, as well of that of those you work with. It’s simple intuitive design unlocks a deep and comprehensive cache of data that within minutes can reveal:

  • Your leadership strengths that drive results
  • The patterns of behvaiour and inner assumptions holding you back, and
  • The growth opportunities that can yield the biggest impact on your leadership effectiveness.

The profile presents as a circular graph, comparing how well you use your creative competencies – those behaviours and beliefs that are linked to high achievement leaderships – and what reactive tendencies you have that limit your effectiveness and your authentic expression as a leader. We can also see whether you are leaning more into these creative or reactive tendencies when it comes to how you relate with people, and how you focus on the tasks to be completed.


This comprehensive profile creates a big play ground for us to explore what is holding you back and find the opportunities to experiment and grow to have maximum impact on your individual leadership effectiveness. If you want to succeed as a leader and are ready to push your development forward, then let’s find out what the LCP reveals about you..

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