Unleash Leadership Coaching Program

Are you wanting to unleash your leadership effectiveness to get the best out of your people and drive successful business outcomes? 

Leveraging the power of the Leadership Coaching Profile, this coaching program has been crafted to challenge you to identify the belief systems and behavioural patterns that are influencing your leadership, and empower you to use these insights to start taking action to improve your impact as a leader.

If you are ready to make real change in yourself, your leadership and your teams, this is the program for you.

If you want to succeed as a leader and are ready to push your development forward, then let's find out what the Leadership Circle Profile reveals about you. I’m not going to lie – it will challenge you. But it will also excite you and empower you to become a leader who makes a powerful impact on their people and their organisation

Program Details

This program takes the power of the Leadership Circle Profile to the next level, but combining your report and debrief with one-on-one coaching sessions focused on supporting you to turn insights into meaningful results. 

The assessment collates feedback from those you work most with – your direct reports, your peers and your bosses. We will then do a detailed 90 minute debrief to present the results to you in a detailed report and uncover what they reveal about your belief systems, your behavioural patterns and how these influence perceptions of your leadership effectiveness. Together we will engage in four one-on-one coaching sessions designed to support you in targeting areas for development and taking the action needed to achieve the biggest impact in your leadership performance.

  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment and detailed report.

  • A detailed 90 debrief of your results.

  • Four one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions.

This program can be delivered online to you as an individual, or either online or onsite for multiple participants within your organization

"She listens deeply which gives me confidence to share my story. I know she is hearing me and will give me honest feedback or ask relevant questions to gain understanding, or to help me think in a new way about things. I am enjoying having a conversation with someone who is objective and experienced at being able to see or hear patterns or behaviours that may need attention."
Manager, Education Sector

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