Coaching Testimonials

"It was the first time for a long time that I felt comfortable to articulate internal thoughts. There was no judgment and a genuine understanding that this was hard for me. Natalie asked the right questions at the right time."
- Coaching
"Natalie is an active listener who provides specific and actionable feedback that provides me with options on how to move forward. This allows me time to reflect and consider the path I am going to take allowing me to realise that ultimately the choice is mine and the outcome will be a result of my choice."
- Coaching
"She listens deeply which gives me confidence to share my story. I know she is hearing me and will give me honest feedback or ask relevant questions to gain understanding, or to help me think in a new way about things."
- Coaching
"I like how Natalie listens and provides me time to reflect on my own comments and where I am at. I like that she poses questions to me that allow me to deeply consider things in a way I may not have before."
- Coaching

Training Testimonials

"We worked with Natalie at Aliferous Leadership Strategies because we really wanted to produce some great content for our clients on leadership and building up self-awareness and self-strength for our clients.

So she delivered some fantastic high quality content for us to deliver to our clients and also to our staff. And she also delivered a really top notch masterclass, the engagement for which was absolutely incredible. We had such good feedback and we would absolutely work with her again.

So I just want to say thank you, Natalie. You've really helped inspire a lot of people to take that next step in their career and be the best leaders they can be.

So if anyone's considering working with Natalie at Aliferous Leadership Strategies, I highly recommend it."
Atlanta, Springday
"Natalie is an incredibly approachable and kind person. She has the unique talent of connecting with people from all over the world, sharing her expertise and encouraging them to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

She certainly demonstrates that adage that people will remember the way that you make them feel, and Natalie is a master at making people feel important, valuable, and giving them the confidence to step out of their own comfort zones."
Jay Johnson, COEUS Creative Group
"As a leadership and training professional, Natalie is both a creative and a strategic thinker, and she brings her active, engaged and empathetic mindset to all aspects of her work and professional engagements.

Her international experience from remotely leading geographically-distributed teams across multiple countries to delivering bespoke training programs in intercultural settings, shows her adaptability and capability across different communities, social contexts and situations.

Her repertoire extends from leading and facilitating organisational training programs in NGOs, government and corporates, to conceiving and designing organisation-specific programs, as well as sharing her expertise and skills in training others and supporting them in their learning journeys."
Bridgette, Swinburne University
"Natalie is a clear-thinker who supports others in setting and achieving their goals.

She combines professionalism with a down to earth manner that is both quietly reassuring and inspiring in the learning environment.

Always an active participant in whatever she commits to, Natalie collaborates easily in any organisation or learning context. She always seeks and listens to others' opinions, and adapts her leadership and communication style as necessary.

Natalie is an inclusive public speaker and presenter experienced in face-to-face and digital environments, and she excels with diverse audiences."
Bridgette, Swinburne University
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