"Hi. I’m Natalie Dawes.

I help leaders like you break through their barriers and unleash their leadership potential."

I’ve had a long leadership career, spanning the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. My passion for driving change, navigating uncertainty and bringing out the best in my people led me to become an an award-winning business leader, a popular public speaker and a passionate leadership coach.

People often said to me ‘wow, you make leadership look so easy’. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy. And in 2020, leading a significant project, I hit the point of complete burn out. I had nothing left – physically, emotionally, psychologically. I felt like a complete failure as a leader, a wife, a mum – as a human to be quite honest.

The reality is that leadership is hard. Yes there are highs, but there are also lows. And we need to be willing to talk about these to support our growth and performance. 

My breakdown became my break though. I created Aliferous Leadership Strategies to work with leaders who are hitting their own obstacles, partnering with them to break through and unleash their imperfect but powerful leadership potential.

My clients appreciate the safe space I create for them to verbalise all that’s going through their heads, and the practical leadership insights I provide. Working with me, you will explore your challenges, your context and your goals at a deeper level so you get the clarity and the confidence to find the answers you didn’t realise you had.

The best part of my job is witnessing the transformation in the leaders I work with.

And I would love to work with you so you can achieve the transformation that you seek.

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a · li · fer · ous

: to have wings

The word aliferous (pronounced a·lif·​er·​ous) means to “to have wings”. I was inspired to call the business this by a poem I stumbled upon while recovering from my burnout:

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings (Ariana Dancu).

As a leader, it often feels that you are carrying an unimaginable weight on your back. The burden of expectations, of stressful workloads, of unachievable work/life balance. We feel that as a leader we need to always be strong. To always have the right answers. To always deliver results.

But the reality is we are human. We are not infallible.  We are not perfect. We will inevitably hit blocks at some points in our leadership journey. And its ok to ask for help to overcome those challenges so that you can once again let your leadership take flight.

And so Aliferous Leadership Strategies was created to help leaders do just that. Whether you are taking your leadership into your own hands, or you are an organisation looking to bring out the best in your people, our programs are designed to support, challenge and motivate.

We provide one-on-one coaching to leaders and executive, as well as tailored coaching programs that can be delivered online or onsite. These programs drawing on evidence based research, frameworks and strategies to enable you and your team to know, own and grow your confidence and capabilities. We also offer powerful keynote presentations that are interactive, informative and inspiring, or facilitation of your next event or strategic planning day.

Book in a chat and let’s explore how we can partner to unleash your potential let your leadership take flight.

Working with me is easy


Book in a chat about where you are at, what you need and how I can help you move forward. There’s no cost and no obligations.


Commit to yourself that you are ready to take the action to create change. Sign up to the program that will get in just a few minutes.


Turn that commitment into real results. Gain the confidence and capability to unleash the leadership potential of you and your people.

So what are you waiting for?

Programs To Unleash Your Leadership Potential


Leadership Coaching

Work in partnership with an experienced coach to get clarity on what you want to achieve, set a motivating action plan to achieve it, and hold you accountable. 


Leadership Training

Immersive, informative programs designed to provide powerful tools and insights to build leadership capability and practice applying to real world scenarios.


Leadership Circle

Unlock deep insights into perceptions of your leadership effectiveness and identify target areas your development opportunities for maximum impact.


Speaking & Facilitation

Inspire your people or get the most out of your next event or planning day with an internationally experienced and highly engaging strategist, storyteller and speaker.

It was the first time for a long time that I felt comfortable to articulate internal thoughts. There was no judgment and a genuine understanding that this was hard for me. Natalie asked the right questions at the right time. It actually felt really good to share and put words to things that had been rattling around internally for a long time and to acknowledge the tensions and vulnerabilities of my leadership. Principal
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